Visual Storytelling

We live in an information intense age with messages and data coming at us from all angles. Increasingly we are turning to visuals and graphics to tell our story and process that information and engage our audience. Whether simplifying big data with image rich infographics, capturing a meeting through real time graphic recording or a compelling explainer video, together we can find a way of telling YOUR story!


Whether it's a personalised one-off image that you want, or a series of illustrations for a specific project, I will work with you to ensure that you get your message across.

Graphic Recording

Make your meetings visual, engage your audience, use images to get your ideas down.


General design, infographics, business presentations. Everything you need to tell a compelling visual story to clients and employees.

Studies have shown that meetings using visual language are shortened by 24%

Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century - Robert E. Horn